John Proctor of Humanoid Sound Systems has updated Scanned Synth to version 0.9.2.

Scanned Synth is a freeware VSTi plug-in that uses scanned synthesis, a powerful and efficient technique for animating wavetables and controlling them in real-time.

New in v0.9.2

  • since v0.9.0
    • Added GUI (by Amoebe)
    • Fixed chord distortion bug
  • since v0.9.1
    • Added KickButton control
    • Changed randomise locks into randomise amount params
    • Added global parameter control that pops up when a parameter changes its value
  • since v0.9.2
    • Added new optionmenu control
    • Removed spaces from param values so that they centre properly
    • Changed the way that some parameters are displayed including changing some to percentages
    • Changed globalparamdisplay so that the values are centred
    • Added an expiration date of the 31st Dec 2006
    • Added expiration days control that displays number of days until expiration
    • Fixed bug in the way that fonts are referred to

Visit Humanoid Sound Systems for more information and a link to download the latest version of Scanned Synth.