John Proctor has updated Scanned Synth to version 0.9.7.

Below are the changes for v0.9.7, most notably a pretty skin, new presets and the removal of the time limit.

Changes in v0.9.7

  • Changed frequency of DC filter from 30Hz to 0.25Hz
  • Removed oversampling
  • Re-enabled stereo width param
  • Added skin selection control
  • Improved robustness of skin loading (no longer closes host if there is an error)
  • Fixed bug with setting portamento time to zero
  • Fixed getParameterProperties() so that it sets the kVstParameterUsesIntegerMinMax and kVstParameterUsesIntStep when required (changed ‘and’ to ‘or’)
  • Implemented getChunk/setChunk
  • Moved presets out of source code and into ScannedSynthData/Presets directory
  • Fixed bug causing parameters to be randomised when selecting items from the right-click menu
  • Fixed kickbutton (used for randomise button) so that it is initially ‘up’ rather than ‘down’
  • Added “MIDI Forget” option to clear any MIDI controllers assigned using the “MIDI Learn” function
  • Added code to sort programs (for my own use)
  • Fixed pitch bend range parameter and gave it a range of 1 semitone to 1 octave
  • Fixed bug causing sound to fade to silence when filter goes above 13KHz in Notch or Lowpass mode (bandwidth is now Q)
  • Removed time limit!!!!
  • Fixed denormal in filter causing jump in CPU when there is no output
  • Changed so that the currently selected skin is saved in a file in the program directory. Also changed so that the skinselect control is set to the currently selected skin.
  • Changed ADSR envelopes so that the release phase is enetered as soon as the note is released rather than waiting until the attack and decay phases are complete as before

Visit Humanoid Sound Systems for more information and a link to download the latest version of Scanned Synth.