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JoMoX now shipping MBase 11

JoMoX MBase11

JoMoX has released the MBase 11, an analog bass drum module.

Finally: The first bunch of MBase11 are shipping to our dealers!
Now you can also purchase them directly in our webshop at the list price of 249 EUR.

MBase11 features

  • 110 presets (10 User RAM, 100 FLASH).
  • Fully analog sound engine with storeable parameters.
  • Analog envelopes.
  • LFO with 8 waveforms: Saw +/-, Sine +/-, Tri +/-, Rect +/-, modulates the pitch, midi syncroniseable.
  • LED display, 7-segment 3 digit.
  • Midi In/Midi Out.
  • 1 data wheel, 1 potentiometer, 5 buttons, 16 LEDs for parameters and functions.
  • 1 mono out 1/4″ RCA jack, ~0dBu output level.
  • External input: analog trigger, sensivity adjustable.

Visit JoMoX for more information and audio demos.

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