Jonas Norberg Helix

Jonas Norberg has released a first public beta of Helix, a freeware “wave-table-shaping-subtractive-hybrid” synth.

Helix features

  • Four oscillators with individual nine voice “unison” for an amazing 36 oscillators per voice
  • Powerful spectral morphing through innovative wave-table-shaping
  • A plethora of filters, ranging from standard low pass to per-voice-phaser
  • 35 Presets included

The download package includes comprehensive documentation.

Helix is an open source project and you can get the source files from SourceForge.

The GUI is a bit big and probably won’t win a beauty contest, but Helix sounds really sweet, so please don’t let the looks put you off.

Note: if you’re experiencing problems with the GUI, make sure the .psd skin file is in the same directory as the .dll file.

More information: Jonas Norberg