UVI has posted a video on Nagoya Harp, in which virtuoso Jordan Rudess shows its expressive possibilities and captivating sounds, performing some of the playing styles available such as Bow, Sticks and Pick.

Nagoya Harp – Strings of the East, Soul of the West – Includes both traditional strummed and expanded polyphonic variations – Deeply sampled (20,000+ samples), including unique playing techniques – Extensive sound design potential delivers new tones to any genre Two instruments deliver traditional and modern interpretations of a unique stringed instrument with a wide sonic palette.

Delve into new sonic territory with expanded playing techniques, performance scripts and effects ready to inspire musicians of all backgrounds. Nagoya Harp is a collection that transcends genre, created for those with an affinity for beautiful traditional tones and contemporary explorers of the avant garde.

Nagoya Harp is available for 79 USD/EUR.

More information: UVI