ROLI has released the new Wizardly Ways soundpack created by legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess.

Jordan Rudess has amazed audiences as the synth-player for prog rock titans Dream Theater — and now he’s sharing his signature soundpack Wizardly Wayz, so everyone can capture a piece of the magic.

Featuring overdriven synths like Evil Pad, Wizardly Wayz packs a powerful hard-rock punch. But it also has enchanting orchestral effects, such as the strings of Mythic Key Layer and the flute-like Inventing Ether — perfect for adding dramatic flair to your creations.

“I scoured sounds from my various works and found ones that not only represent my rock and prog side, but also my love for sounds that evolve” explained Jordan. “I made sure that all the five dimensions of touch are active and meaningful in Wizardly Wayz. For instance, some percussion sounds start off realistic but can morph into something wild and spacey!”

One such sound is the atmospheric Toll Of The Bell, a variant on a patch Jordan developed for Dream Theater’s classic album Scenes From A Memory (1999).

Another new NOISE soundpack is Floatation, a collection of ambient presets from ROLI’s own expert sound designer, Rafael Szaban.

Packed full of expansive synths that allow you to craft an intricate tapestry of sound, Floatation lets you produce lush atmospheres with warm, layered textures like Cassiopeia Ensemble. Or add spectral moodiness to your music using Darkvista.

Both soundpacks are now available in the NOISE Soundpack Store.

More information: ROLI