Jörg Bitzer analysis plugins: IHASpectrogram and IHASpatialAnalyzer

Jörg Bitzer IHASpectogram

Jörg Bitzer is offering two freeware analysis VST plug-ins for download: IHASpectrogram and IHASpatialAnalyzer.

IHASpectrogram is a tool developed to analyze the frequency content of an audio signal. It shows you the strength of a frequency over the time. The strength itself is coded in colours.

The application areas are manifold. Sound engineers and audio researcher use a spectrogram to find the pitch frequency of an instrument, to find annoying single tones, to show the effect of different dither and noise-shaping algorithms, or just to see, if a mix is well balanced in its frequency behaviour.

IHASpatialAnalyzer is a new method to display the stereo behaviour of audio material over time. It is based on the data of a vector-scope or gonioeter, but displays the results differently. You should be familiar with the vector-scope in order to be sure, what can be seen with this tool. IHASpatialAnalyzer can be used for the analysis of impulse responses of reverberation units.

Both plug-ins are available for Windows PC.

More information: Jörg Bitzer

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Two really practical, great tools with a good open look/style.

Many thanks to the developer and we are curious, was he create everything in the next future…..