Arte Nuovo has released Divine, a soundset featuring over 130 new patches for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Arte Nuovo Divine for Diva by Joseph Hollo

Since the release of Diva Joseph was torn between the unparalleled “divine” sound quality and the quite restricted structure of the synth. He always thought that he needs more envelopes and LFOs to reach those typical emotional, alive and moving sounds he is famous for.

With his years of experience and persistence he learned to create with less and less options and reach the same high quality outcome. Not to mention his explicit attraction for the great sound quality of Diva.

So here it is: 136 greatly musical patches.

A “Divine” soundset for lovers of lyrical, ethereal, mystical, emotional, evolving, soft, airy and transparent pads, strings and voxes. You can find thick, dramatic and warm analogue synths, soundscapes, basses, leads, plucks. There are playful and magical keys, arpeggios and BPM synchronized pads, plus a handful of useful drums, hits, impacts and percussions.

The expression of the patches are highly optimized through midi controllers such as Velocity (vel), PitchBend (Pb), and Modwheel (Mw).

The soundset costs $35 USD. Until May 6th, 2017, you can get it for $29 USD with coupon code DIVINE29 at checkout.

A free demo bank with 12 patches, Cubase project and MIDI file, is available for download from the product page.

More information: Arte Nuovo / Divine for Diva