Joué has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its next-generation Joué Play expressive music instrument that aims to enable anyone to start making music.

Joué Play builds on the MIDI controller that was released three years ago.

Four pads are available for the Joué Play, which come with professional sound banks ranging from traditional instruments to the most recent synthesizers and drum kits and covering a wide range of musical styles. You can add up to eight different instruments per song, add effects and mix it all within the companion app.

Whatever your music skills or your age, the Joué Play lets you start making music straight away. No need for any theoretical or technical knowledge. Just place a Pad on the Board, start the application and create a beat, a melody or play chords freely. Chose your sounds, record, and share your creation super easily.

The sensitive Joué board captures all the gestures practiced on traditional instruments, such as vibrato, glissando, and velocity. This enables a musical expressiveness rarely heard in digital music.

Various configurations of the Joué Play are available starting from $289 USD.

More information: Joué Play