J.S. Mueller-Roemer jsComp

J.S. Mueller-Roemer has released an updated version of jsComp, a freeware peak-based compressor with an additional integrated brickwall limiter.

The recent updates include a GUI, reduced CPU usage and improved metering.

jsComp features

  • 64-bit processing (with full VST 2.4 compatibility).
  • Zero-latency, therefore suitable for live use.
  • Attack and release are adjustable down to 0ms (attack 0-300ms, release 0-1500ms), so even the compressor itself can act as a brickwall limiter (or clipper).
  • The envelope filter also offers a “hold”-knob, adjustable from 0 to 30ms which can be used to reduce low-frequency distortion to an absolute minimum.
  • Ratio is adjustable from 1:1 to infinity:1 (limiting).
  • Three stereo link modes (min, max, off/dual mono) and sidechaining capability, as well as a mix knob for NY-Compression.

You can download the latest version of jsComp here.