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Junk Spider releases Junk Guitar V1 for Kontakt


Junk Spider has launched Junk Guitar V1, an electric guitar instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Junk Spider Junk Guitar V1

Junk Guitar has high-quality samples of many articulations, Downstroke, Upstroke, Single note sustain, Single note Realtime Legato Slide, Single note Realtime Hammer-On & Pull-Off, Single note palm-mute(soft & hard), Single ghost note, Pinch harmonics, Natural harmonics, Picking Tremolo, Trill, Chop(Extra Attacks), 5th-dyad chord sustain, 5th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide, 5th-dyad chord palm-mute, 4th-dyad chord sustain, 4th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide, 4th-dyad chord palm-mute, Octave-dyad chord sustain, Octave-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide, Unison bend, Hand stop noise, Pick stop noise, Glissando, Scrape.

We have invested much effort into creating a virtual guitar to make it sound as real is possible.

Junk Guitar V1 features

  • 2.0GB samples (44.1kHz, 24-bit).
  • Many articulations are included.
  • Vintage style of humbucking pickup sound.
  • Play modes: Mono Mode, Poly Mode, Chord Stroke Mode(Major/Minor/7th/sus4).
  • Advanced KSP Program.
  • Includes MIDI files of demo songs.

Junk Guitar V1 for Kontakt 5.5 or higher is available for purchase for $179 USD.

More information: Junk Spider

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