Justin Dolby has released Smack My Batch Up, a free Max/MSP application for generating new sounds from samples with plugins.

Justin Dolby Smack My Batch Up

Smack My Batch Up is a software tool designed to batch process audio files.

A folder of WAV files can be loaded into the software along with up to 5 VST plug-in effects. When the programme is activated each WAV file in the folder is loaded and played through the VST FX rack and the resulting sound is recorded to disk. In addition to the VST rack, the speed of the sample playback can be altered, as well as the sample rate and bit depth of the new files. A folder location can be specified for the new sounds to be stored in, and a word can be added to the end of each file name to differentiate them from the original files.

The main purpose of Smack My Batch Up is to automate the process of creating new sounds for musical composition or sound design work. By chaining together different effects a folder of boring drum loops can be turned into evolving pads, or a folder of field recordings can be turned into percussion loops. A tempo box is provided allowing you to use tempo-sync’d FX so the resulting files will fit the tempo of your song.

Smack My Batch Up is available as a free download for Windows or Mac.

More information: Justin Dolby / Smack My Batch Up