Justin Robert Mothman 1000

Justin Robert has released the Mothman 1000, a free software synthersizer plug-in for Windows.

Mothman 1000 features

  • 2 Osc: subtractive analog oscillator and a phase distortion oscillator.
  • Modulating LFO / HFOs (low and high frequency) and VCFs for each oscillator.
  • VCF 1 includes an ADSR input section.
  • The high frequency modulation creates FM synthesis type sounds. Mixing this with the phase distortion and subtractive sounds makes for a lot of possibilities.
  • The L(H)FO on OSC 1 is routed to the amp section of OSC 1 and the L(H)FO of OSC 2 is routed to the modulation depth of OSC 2, playing with this can create very interesting ring modulation and FM type sounds.
  • 32 built in presets that range from warm pads, Casio emulation, metallic craziness, warm analog basses and drums.

Mothman 1000 is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Justin Robert for more information.