K-Devices has released version 1.1 of Kflux, a Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sounds.

Kflux is designed to offer users a friendly interface experience, the necessary tools for the granulation of sound, all the best from Max.

For Live integration (parameters automation, freeze/bounce track functions, annotations for each parameter in the Liveʼs Info View), and, most of all, a well working device.

Thanks to Max For Live integration, each Kflux parameter is fully automatable in the Ableton Live’s timeline.

Changes in Kflux v1.1

  • Tempo sync function.
  • Transposition range.
  • Sequencer loop functions.
  • OSC ready.

K-Devices has also released K-OSC, a free Max For Live audio effect that allows OSC communication between Kflux (and other forthcoming K-Devices), and external devices (hardware or software). Thanks to K-OSC, Lemur, TouchOSC, and other free templates are coming…

Kflux TouchOSC is K-Devices’ first template.

The first Kflux template, built for iPad in TouchOSC, lets the user to control all KFlux parameters ; with visual feedback.

It includes a Live “back to arrange” button/display, to return to the projectʼs automation. It requires K-OSC.

Kflux 1.1 is available to purchase for 9,99 EUR, K-OSC and the TouchOSC/iPad template are available as a free download.

A 2 EUR discount on Kflux is available during the launch of the TouchOSC template. Enter discount code touchkflux at checkout.

More information: K-Devices