K-Devices has announced a limited time sale in celebration of the availability of the K-Card, a store credit which can be gifted to your friends.

You can now buy cards as a credit for your purchases or even send them to your friends as a gift. The K-CARD allows you to set any amount of credit you prefer. Simply add it to the cart and, at checkout, you’ll be able to choose whether keeping it for yourself or mailing it to a friend. They will receive a coupon code usable once, with no expiration date.

In order to celebrate the arrival of the new card and to offer a wider choice to those who will receive it as a present, we’re also running a last round of DISCOUNTS for 2022, on all of our products! Treat yourself with some last minute creative audio tools or use them to surprise and inspire your music friends!

All plugins and Max for Live devices are on sale at 25% off until January 8th, 2023.

More information: K-Devices