K-Devices has released the Kflux Bundle, a collection of devices for granular processing of sound in Max for Live.

Kflux bundle is the complete Max For Live suite for granulation of sound.

Kflux bundle contains three amazing devices:
– Kflux : Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound
– Kfluxin : Max For Live audio effect device for granulation of sound
– Kfluxsy : Max For Live granulator synthesizer

Kflux Bundle features

  • Easy of use: each device has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each function/parameter.
  • Max For Live total integration: each parameter is fully automatable in Live’s timeline.
  • Unlocked devices: Owners can open, edit, and re-use parts of these devices as they prefer.
  • No external Max objects are used.

The Kflux bundle is available to purchase for 19.99 EUR. Individual devices are 9.99 EUR each.

More information: K-Devices