K-Devices has announced the availability of EXT, a free Max For Live device for modulate anything in Ableton Live, including other devices, any third-party plugins and Live’s user interface.

EXT is very easy to use : click on “select” toggle, then click on a parameter in your Ableton Live set to modulate it. Target’s name is displayed in EXT’s UI, and you can refine modulation scaling outcoming values to a specific range, and applying interpolation time between steps.

It is possible to choose between two play modes : steps and trig. In steps mode, multislider steps are triggered in sync with Live ; in trig mode, steps are manually triggered via MIDI messages.

EXT features

  • Quick and easy target selection.
  • Two play modes (steps / trig).
  • Drunkwalk function for unpredictable results.
  • Walker function for never ending variations.

EXT is a free download. It requires Ableton Live 8 or higher, and Max For Live 2.2. No external Max objects are used in this device.

The EXT pack contains a 25% discount code for the K-Devices granulation suite Kflux Bundle for 25% less. In addition to the standard 33% off offer available on the K-Devices shop, the owner can get Kflux Bundle for 14.99 EUR instead of 29.97 EUR. This offer is valid until October 31st, 2012.

More information: K-Devices / ETX