K-Devices has announced the release of VST3/AU version of its TATAT (unstable) MIDI streams generator, which was first released as a Max for Live device for Ableton Live.

The creative tool is designed to assist and help producers and musicians to generate new ideas, becoming a great starting point for writing melodies and beats, and a perfect controller for virtual instruments and hardware gears alike. TATAT allows you to create always-changing sequences, quickly sketch and store music ideas, and to add unexpected events to fixed patterns.

Notes generation in TATAT is based on a multi-chance concept: user sets up for multiple rhythms, multiple notes, intervals, and other parameters value. Using dedicated multisliders the user can then adjust the chance a note and/or a time resolution are adopted on next trigger, creating complex streams of events. The generated notes are then processed by several operators: Velocity, Less, Delay, and Length.

TATAT produces then a stream of notes based on settings and probabilities, a so-called “mood”. With the right mood you can:

  • enjoy the always changing stream of notes.
  • enable “thru” to add the generative stream of notes on the top of a fixed MIDI clip/file or live MIDI input.
  • inject stability by using LIV/MEM horizontal slider, to mix between the live generated stream and a frozen pattern.
  • use the export icon (the triangle) to drag on a timeline, clip slots or folders, different MIDI files, generated by TATAT according to its mood.

TATAT gives great results both with melodic/harmonic content, and percussive parts and beats.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU plugin formats, TATAT is on sale for the intro price of 19 EUR until July 30th, 2022. The regular price is 39 EUR.

More information: K-Devices