K-Sounds has announced the release of Organimation Version 2, a tonewheel organ sound library for the Korg Kronos featuring new programming and more than double the original number of sounds.

Incorporating the new capabilities of Kronos OS 3.0, Organimation begins with the CX-3 engine, carefully programmed for authentic vintage vibe and substantial real-time control. Going beyond CX-3, unique tone shaping and extra thick rotary speaker effects provide enhanced realism and attitude.

Organimation Version 2 features 128 sounds. Every sound from version 1 is included. The new organs provide:

  • New tone shaping for enhanced realism at every drawbar setting.
  • New tube overdrive effects programming for extra richness and warmth.
  • New rotary speaker effects programming with improved animation and frequency response.
  • Stereo and gig-friendly mono versions of each new organ.

Real-time control options are provided. Users can adjust nine fully independent drawbars, add percussion and chorus / vibrato, split the keyboard, activate optional tone shaping or distortion, and enable delay.

Organimation 2 features

  • Tonewheel organ sounds.
  • 128 presets to cover any style.
  • Unique, extra-thick rotary speaker effects.
  • Unique overdrive and tone shaping effects.
  • Unique simulated microphone setups.
  • Generous real-time control options.

Organimation is available for purchase for $40 USD. Version 2 is a free update for existing Organimation Kronos users.

More information: K-Sounds / Organimation Version 2