K-Teck has announced the release of its new Max for Live MIDI device Iosif, a sequencer for Ableton Live based on Joseph Schillinger’s interference pattern concept.

K Teck Iosif

Iosif combines 2 innovative techniques to create monophonic melodies, allowing you to generate complex, evolving rhythms, and apply melody to the rhythm.

Iosif can generate complex, non-repeating rhythms. To do this Iosef generates a series of Trigger Pulses from an ‘Interference Pattern’ formed by the interactions of 3 numbers. These 3 numbers control 3 looping Pattern Counters.

Every time a Pattern Counter resets a note is triggered in the Scale Scan Module. The Scale Scanner is taken from Adlais V – it has been improved with full control over 10 octaves.

Iosif is available for purchase for £12 GBP.

More information: K-Teck