K-Teck has announced the release of The Lads, a collection of virtual analog sequenced percussion devices for Max for Live.

The Lads comprise two kick drum instruments, a hihat, snare and tom.

All devices make use of Surreal Machine’s superb VA ZDF filters – in the Bridged-T networks and as driven LoPass on the output stages

The Lads

  • Kevin the Kick is an old skool kick drum with plenty of drive and a good dose of proper sub-bass for moving big systems.
  • Keith the Kick is a virtual analog kick drum with attitude.
  • Henry the Hat is a virtual analog hi-hat with bite.
  • Sidney the Snare is a virtual analogue snare drum with clout.
  • Thomas the Tom is a virtual analogue tom with clout.

The Lads are available for £8 GBP each, or in a bundle for £25 GBP.

More information: K-Teck