Kadenze has announced the launch of Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists, a new Ableton Live course by Jordan Hochenbaum.

First released in 2001, Ableton Live has had a tremendous impact on modern composers, music producers, recording artists, sound designers, arrangers, and mix engineers. This powerful software was created with the demanding needs of underground and experimental musicians at its heart, and is lauded for its intuitive user interface that allows for real-time musical improvisation, sound production, and mixing. Ableton Live’s versatility has also grown its popularity amongst more widely known artists from Daft Punk to M83, making it a tool of choice for all types of sonic artists.

In a recent interview with Kadenze, guest lecturer Robert Henke (who is also one of Ableton’s co-founders) describes Ableton Live as: “A piece of software which was originally aimed at electronic music live performance.” Though this may have been Live’s original market, Henke goes on to say: “A lot of other people from other contexts felt -very quickly- that this is helpful for them too. Now it’s used by a broad range of people from the electronic music scene to film composers, to theatre, and to classic band scenarios.”

California Institute of the Arts has offered sound production courses in Ableton Live to its students for the last 7 years. During this time, students of all artistic disciplines have learned the fundamentals of sound production through this this powerful software. Now, Kadenze is proud to offer CalArts’ “Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists” to students around the world.

Unlike courses on many other online education providers, this fully produced digital offering is designed to be much more than a simple tutorial. Along with gaining the skills to effectively use Ableton Live, students will also build a foundation in digital audio theory. Course Instructor, Jordan Hochenbaum states, “There are plenty of great tutorials out there that teach you how to use a variety of tools, but the conditions that created that tool are also important in understanding how to use it. On Kadenze, the idea is to teach this course with the same commitment to quality that we offer it at CalArts ”

This commitment includes the ability to take this course for real-world college credit. Interested students will be able to enroll on Kadenze.com and (upon completion) recieve academic credit at CalArts for a faction of the cost of on-campus attendence. This will be the first time that an Ableton course has ever been offered online for real-world college credit.

Kadenze co-founder and CEO, Ajay Kapur, emphasized the importance of such an offering in an interview with ECampus news early in July. “We’re really trying to build that first-year experience where students can learn the key assets for their particular field and then apply to college, maybe with a semester done. Our goal is not to replace the university; it’s to get people prepared for it while also reducing the costs.”

Students who are intersted in taking the course, but not interested in recieving credit can still sign up on Kadenze.com as either a Free or a Premium Member. Free users will be able to view lecture videos and participate in discussion forums, while Premium Members will be able to submit assignments, receive feedback, and take advantage of discounts on course resources. No matter what level of engagement students are seeking, “Introduction to Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists” is sure to fill their summer learning with the sweetest of music.

Sign up today on Kadenze.com and recieve the first month of Premium Membership, free.

The course can be taken as a regular student or for credit from the partnering institution for $600 USD.

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