Kali Audio has announced a brand-new speaker Based on technology found in its acclaimed IN-5 and IN-8 studio monitors. The IN-UNF presents an ultra nearfield solution for producers and enthusiasts working and listening in desktop environments.

The IN-UNF is designed to be used in small spaces where the ability to get loud is limited, either by room acoustics or the tolerance of neighbors. It presents full-range audio at reference levels with plenty of headroom at 80cm, about arm’s length from the system.

The IN-UNF consists of three main pieces: a bass unit and two satellites. The bass unit houses two high-excursion 4.5-Inch woofers as well as the amplifier and other electronics for the system. The two woofers are horizontally opposed, so no net vibration is transferred to the desk or to anything sitting on the bass unit. The two satellites use the same coaxial midrange and tweeter as Kali’s acclaimed IN-5 and IN-8 studio monitors. The midrange/tweeter satellites are spherical, and sit on a silicone pad that lets you adjust their angle so that they’re aimed precisely at your ears. The bass unit also houses the IN-UNF’s inputs, including a USB-C input which supports 24-bit resolution and up to 48kHz sample rate. Connect your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or other USB-capable audio devices.

The IN-UNF is available starting from $599 USD.

More information: Kali Audio