Kali Audio has announced the 2nd Wave of its best-selling LP-Series studio monitors. The lineup consists of the LP-6 V2 (6.5-Inch 2-way monitor) available in both black and white, and the LP-8 V2 (8-Inch 2-way monitor).

Since being launched in 2018, the LP-6 and LP-8 have become some of the best-selling monitors globally. Users have praised their accurate frequency response, low distortion, excellent imaging, and user-friendliness.

The new versions of the LP-Series use their 2nd Wave technology platform to realize substantial performance improvements. These include 12 dB lower self-noise, 3 dB higher output thanks to a more sophisticated limiter, more robust DSP for a smoother high frequency response, lighter transducers, and improved construction processes for better cosmetic longevity.

The LP-6 V2 has 80W of power, with both the 1-inch tweeter and 6.5-inch woofer getting their own 40W amp. The LP-8 V2 gets 100W of power, using the same 40W amp and 1-inch tweeter that the LP-6 uses, and an 8-Inch woofer powered by a 60W amp. Boundary EQ settings are accessible on the back of the speaker, along with a quick reference guide printed directly onto the speaker itself. New for the 2nd Wave version is a boundary EQ for using the speakers on desks with monitor stands.

Nate Baglyos, Kali’s Director of Marketing, says:

“With this announcement, now all of Kali’s monitors are part of our 2nd Wave, which is something we’re very proud of. We feel that we’ve addressed the most important feedback that we’ve gotten on our products since starting the company. In doing so, our monitors are no longer ‘the new kids on the block’ – they are serious monitors worth professional consideration at any pricepoint.”

The KALI Audio LP-6 and LP-8 V2 are available for purchase for $199 USD and $249 USD, respectively.

More information: Kali Audio