Karma-Lab has released an update to its software applications for the Kronos, M3, M50, and Oasys workstation synthesizers by Korg.

Version 2.2.11 adds additional support for the Kronos 2, new features, improvements, reliability enhancements and bug fixes, and is recommended for all users. Available for both Mac and Windows, the update is free to registered users and available for purchase directly from Karma-Lab (US $169 to $199).

KARMA Kronos, KARMA Oasys and KARMA M3 software allow the in-depth editing of the many hidden KARMA parameters of the keyboard, and allow for the creation and editing of user GEs which can then be uploaded to the keyboard. KARMA M50 software provides all of the KARMA features, grooves and sounds of the Korg M3 to users of the Korg M50.

More information: Karma-Lab