KarmaFX has released version 1.0 (RC2) of KarmaFX Synth Modular.

The final version of this donationware Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer will be released one or two weeks from now.

Changes in v1.0 RC2

  • Amplifier will now skip streams from input modules if amplification is 0 for more than half a second
  • Tweaked synth engine performance and reduced vst dll sizes for faster loading
  • GUI: Double clicking or Shift-clicking on a wire arrow now allows you to insert a module on this wire
  • GUI: Additive and Pad magnitude editor is now log scaled for easier editing
  • GUI: Renamed all “Component” references to “Module” for consistency with the manual
  • GUI: Optimized/rewrote all waveform and curve drawing routines
  • GUI: Added antialised drawing support. The level of antialising is determined by the skin
  • GUI: Added even better support for custom skins. Resource files placed in a subfolder inside the Skins folder will now be detected as a “raw” skin
  • GUI: When using raw skins, hitting Ctrl-R will now reload the chosen skin
  • GUI: Made minor edits to the default skin (colors and gfx)
  • Bugfix: Pos in Sampler was disabled by accident in v0.99
  • Bugfix: Stereo parameter in Pad module was bogus on first output sample
  • Bugfix: Sampler’s sustain was broken when in stereo or when multiple keys were held in non-polyphonic mode
  • Bugfix: Clearing samples in Sampler while playing a polyphonic patch could crash the synth
  • Bugfix: Nasty interpolation bug in delay code caused some modules to overflow
  • Bugfix: Multiple connections to a bypassed module could return garbage
  • Bugfix: Midi control messages like Pitchbend etc. could confuse MidiTrig module
  • Bugfix: Portamento was broken in polyphonic mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed memory leak when replacing modules
  • Bugfix: Fixed possible crash and memory leak when out of memory while loading samples. [new in RC2]
  • Bugfix: Arp could sometimes go out of sync in Pattern module. Fixed. [new in RC2]
  • Created a few new patches

This release candidate expires November, 2007.

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