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KarmaFX Synth Modular 0.95 and Plugin Pack 1.9 released

KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX has updated the Synth Modular to v0.95 BETA and released KarmaFX Plugin Pack v1.9.

New in KarmaFX Synth Modular v0.95

  • Added multi-sample support to sampler with simple Soundfont/SF2 import. Replaced scale knob in Sampler with sample index knob for selecting (multi)-samples + Added sustain support with draggable start and end position-markers. + Added key/velocity range editor for changing sample ranges and root-key. + Added “sample trigger” led that auto-triggers sample when sample index changes
  • To avoid overflow and/or machine crash or speaker damage, modules now detect very high volume-levels and self-disable with an “overflow!” warning
  • Rewrote the Chorus, added feedback filter, and reworked its interface, so it’s possible to crank out thick chorus as well as flanger style effects
  • Added two-channel stereo Mixer to the Amplifier section
  • Added “Panorama” option to Amplifier, that samples the current pan- position on key trigger
  • Added keyboard tracking to Comb and Allpass filters, and increased their frequency range, so they can be used for physical modeling
  • Increased max number of automation controls from 32 to 128. However, still only the first 32 are accessible from the control panel
  • Added simple (delay-based) pitchshift module to Effects
  • Improved Sampler’s ramping between samples when changing position/sample
  • Changing loop mode in sampler now instantly changes play direction
  • Many GUI changes
  • Many bugfixes
  • Added extra skin. (Thanks Synchro!)
  • Reordered patches in categorized banks. There is now a Bass bank, a Drum bank a Lead bank, a Pad bank, and a SFX bank
  • Made a few new patches, and added a bunch kindly contributed by friendly users
  • Synth has been put in its own installer, to make room for patches, skins etc.

Check the KarmaFX news page for the full changelog.

New in Plugin Pack v1.9

  • KarmaFX Filter V1.1e 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots
  • KarmaFX Deelay V1.1e 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots
  • KarmaFX Reverb V1.1 09/30/2006
    • Added more presets (Thanks Rick and Sink!) + Added more user preset slots
    • Display wasn’t updated with reverb type on preset load. Fixed
    • Fixed memory leak
  • KarmaFX Equalizer V1.1b 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots

Visit KarmaFX for more information and links to download KarmaFX Synth Modular and the Plugin Pack.

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