KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX has updated the Synth Modular to v0.95 BETA and released KarmaFX Plugin Pack v1.9.

New in KarmaFX Synth Modular v0.95

  • Added multi-sample support to sampler with simple Soundfont/SF2 import. Replaced scale knob in Sampler with sample index knob for selecting (multi)-samples + Added sustain support with draggable start and end position-markers. + Added key/velocity range editor for changing sample ranges and root-key. + Added “sample trigger” led that auto-triggers sample when sample index changes
  • To avoid overflow and/or machine crash or speaker damage, modules now detect very high volume-levels and self-disable with an “overflow!” warning
  • Rewrote the Chorus, added feedback filter, and reworked its interface, so it’s possible to crank out thick chorus as well as flanger style effects
  • Added two-channel stereo Mixer to the Amplifier section
  • Added “Panorama” option to Amplifier, that samples the current pan- position on key trigger
  • Added keyboard tracking to Comb and Allpass filters, and increased their frequency range, so they can be used for physical modeling
  • Increased max number of automation controls from 32 to 128. However, still only the first 32 are accessible from the control panel
  • Added simple (delay-based) pitchshift module to Effects
  • Improved Sampler’s ramping between samples when changing position/sample
  • Changing loop mode in sampler now instantly changes play direction
  • Many GUI changes
  • Many bugfixes
  • Added extra skin. (Thanks Synchro!)
  • Reordered patches in categorized banks. There is now a Bass bank, a Drum bank a Lead bank, a Pad bank, and a SFX bank
  • Made a few new patches, and added a bunch kindly contributed by friendly users
  • Synth has been put in its own installer, to make room for patches, skins etc.

Check the KarmaFX news page for the full changelog.

New in Plugin Pack v1.9

  • KarmaFX Filter V1.1e 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots
  • KarmaFX Deelay V1.1e 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots
  • KarmaFX Reverb V1.1 09/30/2006
    • Added more presets (Thanks Rick and Sink!) + Added more user preset slots
    • Display wasn’t updated with reverb type on preset load. Fixed
    • Fixed memory leak
  • KarmaFX Equalizer V1.1b 09/30/2006
    • Added more preset slots

Visit KarmaFX for more information and links to download KarmaFX Synth Modular and the Plugin Pack.