Karoryfer Samples has launched Scarypiano, a free piano instrument library in sfz format.

Karoryfer Samples Scarypiano

Scarypiano has three voices – one is made from all three original velocity layers, another is made only from the loud layer, and the scariest voice is made only from the medium layer.

It’s a 342 MB download and contains 430 16-bit WAV samples, an SFZ mapping and even a GUI for Plogue Sforzando complete with bloody eyeballs for knobs (thanks to Plogue for helping out with the GUI). We recommend using automation with the controls, even when Scarypiano isn’t playing any notes, just to make the eyeballs roll around.

The download is available at no cost. Sforzando version 1.822 or newer is required for all features to work properly.

More information: Karoryfer Samples / Scarypiano