Samples From Mars has released a free collection of 15 dreamy patches from some of Samples From Mars’ favorite Kawaii keyboards.

Kawaii Dreams From Mars was created with the Kawaii K1, K3 and GB-2 Session Trainer. Comprising voices, keys, pads and organs, it includes iconic Kawaii sounds like Return Home and Hello.

After a recent deep dive into early rave records, I went down a rabbit hole to find out what synths were responsible for the sounds that made the music so special. So we grabbed a handful of vintage Kawaii synths and fell in love with the K3 (1986), K1 (1988), and GB-2 A.K.A. Session Trainer (1991).

These wavetable synths have an inherent harmonic distortion from the era’s conversion technology that give them a ton of character not possible from analog oscillators (and not captured on the recent plugins that have surfaced). So we sampled a mix of era-defining preset patches and custom patches. These sounds are cinematic, nostalgic, and orchestral… but above all, dreamy!

The pack is free to download, and you can also enter a contest in which you can win a $500 USD gift voucher for by creating a track with the sounds in this free pack, which is available until July 2nd, 2021, 12pm ET.

Furthermore, you can purchase any Samples From Mars sample pack or bundle with a 20% discount by using coupon code REKKERD20 at the checkout.

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