Goldbaby Productions has announced a new sample pack that combines the warm, lo-fi goodness of cassette tape with the nostalgia and character of 80s home keyboards.

Think of KazioTron Keys as a cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes. Soft, mellow keys. Woozy emotive synths. Dirty, imperfect leads. These sounds are super fun to play.

Gear used: Casio VL1, SK1, MT70, MT18, CT201, CT301 and a sneaky little Yamaha PS3 bass sound. Multiple cassette decks and cassette types. Also, the odd modulation pedals for a little extra mojo. Tracked through 1073 and 501 pre-amps and a valve mixer.

KazioTron Keys also includes non-cassette versions of each instrument for those who want pure vintage home keyboard sounds.

Priced $29 USD, the sample pack comes with patches for Kontakt, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and TAL-Sampler.

More information: Goldbaby