Kemper Amps has announced its Profiler PowerHead and Profiler Rack guitar amplifier systems.

The Kemper Profiler enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier.

Today Kemper Amps, the makers of the highly acclaimed and award winning Kemper Profiler announce the new Kemper Profiler PowerHead. The Kemper Profiler PowerHead will be shown for the first time at the NAMM Show 2013, January 24th in Anaheim, California at booth 6100 in Hall A.

The Kemper Profiler PowerHead adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept and turns the former recording solution into the most versatile guitar amplification system ever. Utilizing the Kemper CabDriver mode, guitarists now have the choice of playing through regular guitar cabinets or full range monitor systems. This makes the Kemper Profiler PowerHead the complete solution for the studio, the rehearsal room and the stage.

The Kemper Profiler PowerHead will be available some time after NAMM and retails for 2100 EUR / $2730 USD. Owners of the original Kemper Profiler will be able to purchase the Amp Upgrade for a price TBA.

Kemper Amps has also announced the new Kemper Profiler Rack, which is also available in a PowerRack version with the built in 600 Watt power amp.

kemper profilerrack

One year after the arrival of the Kemper Profiler concept to the market, it has found its place on all levels guitar players usually operate: at home, in the rehearsal room, the recording studio and on stage, even arenas.

Featuring a user interface nearly identical to the lunchbox version, the Kemper Profiler Rack is just as easy to operate. The layout is highly intuitive and already familiar to users of more traditional amps. The most important parameters, such as gain, tonestack and volume, are directly accessible. There are even dedicated knobs to control the reverb and delay from the front panel.

The Kemper Profiler Rack and PowerRack will also be available some time after NAMM, retailing for 1550 EUR / $2025 USD and 2100 EUR / $2730 USD respectively.

More information: Kemper Amps