Kemper has announced availability of the Kemper Profiler Stage, the acclaimed Kemper Profiler digital guitar amplifier combined with the Profiler Remote, the quintessential foot controller for the Profiler.

Kemper Profiler Stage foot controller

The PROFILER Stage is no mere accessory — it is a complete PROFILER. It offers the same features and the legendary sound as the well-known Profiler Head and Rack, and even a bit more.

KEMPER PROFILER Stage™ is a multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier, featuring KEMPER’s unique PROFILING™ technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. It also comes preloaded with a PROFILE™ pool of hundreds of the best guitar amps in the world, created under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

This combination of PROFILER and Remote allows to control, administer and program Performances, as well as manage Rig switches and complex parameter morphs, all in an unparalleled intuitive manner.

The Kemper Profiler Stage is available for 1,600 EUR / $1,700 USD from the Kemper Online Store and dealers worldwide.

More information: Kemper Amps

Kemper Profiler Stage