Kent Loop Collection Vol. 5 - Varispeed Guitar

Kent Sandvik has released Kent Loop Collection Volume 5 – Varispeed Guitar, a free collection of loops.

This volume contains 50 guitar loops made with Logic’s varispeed. Basically you speed down 50% during recording and set it back to normal levels when creating the loops. This means that the pitch and speed picks up. The sounds is resembling high-pitched 12-string guitars or similar guitar comps and lines used by XTC and similar bands.

The last loops, from 42 forward, are arpeggiato lines. Theses guitar tracks were recorded as clean with a Stratocaster, all 50 loops done in one single recording session, no additional editing was done. This means you could add effects, guitar amps or even tighten or un-tighten the loops with Logic’s flex tool, Ableton Live or similar tools.

The Kent Loop Collection Volume 5 is available as a free download.

More information: Kent Sandvik / Kent Loop Collection Volume 5