Kevin Kripper has released version 1.4 of the Spectrum Analyzer S8, a spectrum analyzer for Ableton Live.

Spectrum Analyzer S8 is a multiple-track real time spectrum analyzer. It lets you visualize the spectral content of 8 stereo tracks simultaneously.

You can use it as a frequency overlap detector and actually see which part of the spectrum every single instrument uses. The ideal solution for mixing!

Kevin Kripper Spectrum Analyzer S8

Max for Live version of Kevin Kripper’s Spectrum Analyzer S8.

Changes in Spectrum Analyzer S8 v1.4

  • Update to Live 9.
  • Now S8 is post-fader.
  • Add a “Show Parameters” button (On/Off)in S8_Receive module.
  • Add descriptions in Live’s Info View.

The Max for Live version of Spectrum Analyzer S8 costs $3 USD. A standalone version is $5 USD.

More information: Spectrum Analyzer S8 M4L