Kevin Kripper Ultimate Mixer

Kevin Kripper has released Ultimate Mixer, a mixer software for use in Ableton Live with Max For Live.

Ultimate Mixer is THE floating Mixer for Ableton Live…what was missing to complete it! It is built 100% in Max MSP and it works with both Live 8 and 9 (Max 6).

Ultimate Mixer features

  • Stretchable channels.
  • Live’s skins adaptable.
  • Change the name and color of each track.
  • Inserts display.
  • Sends control.
  • I-O & Monitor control.
  • Add tracks (up to 50) and returns.
  • Stay-on-top.
  • Auto-resize depending on window size.
  • MIDI & Key Mapping.

Ultimate Mixer is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Ultimate Mixer