Isotonik Studios has introduced XY StudioTools’ new Max for Live device for working with Ableton Live’s Arrangement View. The Key Arranger is designed to let arrange your clips in real time with and sketch out full arrangements just by using your MIDI keyboard and a function key.

The tool combines the intuitive qualities that you normally only get in the Session View with the linear workflow of the Arrangement View.

Key Arranger lets you try out and create sections solely by pressing keys on your keyboard. While it is already possible in Live to map clips to Midi controller keys, the Key Arranger workflow makes it easier to try out different combinations and progress at your own pace.

Key Arranger also allows you to switch scenes, adapt section lengths, capture more detailed arrangements within your current section length, map a group of tracks to one key, and map individual sounds from a drum rack to separate keys.

Key Arranger for Ableton Live 11 (Suite or Standard with Max for Live 8 installed) is available to purchase for £18 GBP incl. VAT.

More information: XY StudioTools