KeyToSound has announced a group buy for Nexsyn, the hybrid instrument that combines sample playback and synthesis technology.

Nexsyn features deep modulation possibilities of both sample based key-maps and traditional synthesizer components, capable of producing high fidelity stereophonic audio. Nexsyn includes a 4 GB sample library, crafted by Big Fish Audio specifically for Nexsyn.

The Group Buy starts off with a price of $150 USD, a 50% discount just for signing up. The entry fee for the group buy is $50 USD, which is the final price when there will be 200 or more participants. In case the group buy ends with less users, there will be an additional payment.

Final price (in addition to $50 USD entry fee)

  • 1 – 50 users: $99
  • 50-99 users: $79
  • 100-124 users: $59
  • 125-174 users: $39
  • 175-199 users: $19
  • 200 users: $0

The Group Buy ends on October 1st, 2007, or when 200 customers sign up (whichever comes first).

Visit KeyToSound for more information.