Kilohearts has announced a sale on the kHs Equalizers, offering a 50% discount on the plugin bundle comprising the Carve EQ and Slice EQ equalizer effects.

These are two specialized equalizers and their combined powers will give you everything you need when it comes to handling problem frequencies in sound design or in mastering.

Carve EQ is a 31-band graphic equalizer with the unprecedented Sculpt tool that makes the traditional row of faders look archaic in comparison. Use it to gently massage your group channel, or whole mix to where it needs to go. There is also a Match EQ feature that lets you apply the EQ profiles of other songs to your track. Match to the factory presets or import any audio as a reference.

Slice EQ is an advanced parametric equalizer with the same intuitive layout as it’s twin. Building upon the successful parametric EQs from the last couple of years, Slice EQ takes the next steps forward with Kilohearts’ signature minimalist UI and clearly labeled features. With higher order filters of up to 96 dB/octave for all filter types it battles with the giants of the genre. But at a very competetive price point.

The kHs Equalizers bundle is on sale for only 49.50 USD/EUR until October 8th, 2019 (regular 99 USD/EUR). The plugins support VST, AU and AAX formats, as well as Snapin hosts.

More information: Kilohearts