Kid Nepro Dark Energy

Kid Nepro has introduced Dark Energy, a collection of programs and combis for the Korg Kronos.

– Our first collection of sounds for the MS-20 & Polysix Synth Engines is now available! An amazing assortment of fully KARMA-fied Programs & Combis with a hard edge, in your face, aggressive analog synth sounds. Only $39. USD.

Pump Up Your Kronos with Dark Energy!! The new sound library includes a wide assortment of classic analog synth sounds for the Kronos MS-20 & Polysix synth engines. A new take on all the sounds that these two vintage synths are capable of, along with a great new mix of modern 21st century patches that’s guaranteed to spice up your Kronos and give you some new ideas for your next track. Amazing new analog basses, leads, pads, super synths and cool rhythms using the Polysix arpeggiator and Kronos step sequencer plus much more.

The soundset costs $39 USD.

More information: Kid Nepro / Korg Kronos Volume #5 – Dark Energy