Kid Nepro Korg M3 Volume #5 - Vintage Synths

Kid Nepro has released Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths, a new collection of 32 sounds for the Korg M3 Workstations.

An amazing assortment of fully KARMA-fied Programs & Combis perfect for Producers and Keyboard Players looking for some great classic synth sounds to add to their M3.

Kid Nepro’s Vintage Synth collection for the Korg M3 is the closest thing that you can get to a real analog synthesizer. Programmer Steve Proto has now tapped into his collection of classic synthesizers and has sampled three of the best analog synthesizers ever made – The Moog Mini Moog, Roland Super Jupiter AKA: MKS80 and the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. Also included in the collection are six new multi samples from Korg’s MOSS virtual analog expansion board that is so popular with owners of the Korg Triton and Karma workstations.

Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths features

  • Sampled vintage synthesizers: Moog Mini Moog, Roland MKS80, Sequential Circuits Prophet VS.
  • 32 new programs, 16 new combis, 32 new classic synth multi samples (no memory expansion needed).
  • Additional M3’s effects, real time controls and KARMA functions to create a mix of super analog synths on steroids.
  • Many of the wave sequencing GE’s found in Korgs Wavestation when triggering KARMA are included.
  • KARMA’s Arpeggio GE’s used to give you those cool arpeggio rhythms found in many vintage synths from the 70’s and 80’s.

Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths is available to purchase for $30 USD.

More information: Kid Nepro / Korg M3 Volume #5 – Vintage Synths