Killapluggies Emily

I had never seen the Killapluggies until today so I thought I’d mention them here in case you didn’t know about them either.

Killapluggies are free plug-ins created with SynthEdit. Currently there are 7 plug-ins available on the Killapluggies website: Phasa, KHO, Flanga, Sypan, 7 Inch Nails, Detuna and Emily.

Phasa is a simple phaser effect with controls to set the frequency, rate, depth and level. It also has a button to invert the signal. KHO is a nice chorus effect with depth, rate, level and delay controls. Flanga is a, you guessed it, flanger effect with level, depth, rate and feedback controls.

Sypan is an automatic panning effect with 2 simple controls, mix and time sync. 7 Inch Nails probably refers to Nine Inch Nails and is a “destructa” effect with controls to set the bias, clip, gain, drive, hi/lo and mix. Detuna is a simple effect to detune incoming sound. You can set the level of detune and mix dry/wet.

The only VSTi in the Killapluggies collection is Emily, “the strange organ”.
This synth is capable of creating wonderful sounds that aren’t necessarily organ-like. The presets show it is great for spacey, spooky and athmospheric sounds.

In SAVIHost I experienced some bug that plays a sustained osc sound on release. I hope it’s just something with SAVIHost but perhaps it’s a proper bug. Emily seems to have been released recently (timestamp of 11-09-2006) so maybe there will be an update. It would be helpful if someone could test this in a different host.

Visit Killapluggies for more information and links to download these goodies.