Kilohearts has announced Multipass, a modular bandsplitter effect plugin which allows combining effect modules for virtually unlimited possibilities.

At launch 17 module plugins, “snapins”, will be available both for use within Multipass, but also as standalone effects. Kilohearts also announces that more snapins will be released later both for use in MULTIPASS, as well as standalone and in future upcoming snapin host plugins. Multipass and all snapins will be available for purchase online at on November 13th, 2015.

At the heart of Multipass is a band splitter featuring up to 5 frequency bands, “lanes”. Each lane has configurable split frequencies, and can contain an unlimited number of effect snapins affecting only that frequency band. The snapins themselves come in many different flavors, and implements many classic effects like distortion or chorus as well as more unusual ones like formant filtering and frequency shifting. On top of this, almost all parameters can be modulated using powerful LFO modulators and envelopes, either free running or triggered by input audio or MIDI. Combined with an intuitive and fast UI, creating anything from outlandish soundscapes to subtle tweaks has never been easier.

Anders Stenberg, CTO of Kilohearts, comments: “With Multipass I think we’ve succeeded in making something that’s really easy and fun to do very powerful things with. This is all just the beginning though, since we have invested into building a plugin ecosystem that will continue to evolve over time. New snapins, as well as new plugins hosting them… I’m really looking forward to what we can and will do with this platform in the future.”

Multipass features

  • 5 configurable frequency bands.
  • 2 LFO modulation sources with multiple shapes.
  • 2 Envelope modulation sources, working either as amplitude followers or ADSR envelopes.
  • LFOs and Envelopes can be retriggered both by MIDI note or audio input.
  • MIDI modulation by note, velocity, pitchwheel, modwheel, pressure and up to 3 custom controllers.
  • Sidechaining (on select snapins), both against external sources and internally between bands.
  • Full list of snapins available at launch: Bitcrush, Chorus, Comb Filter, Compressor, Delay, Disperser, Distortion, Faturator, Filter, Formant Filter, Frequency Shifter, Gain, Haas, Limiter, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Resonator, Stereo, Trance gate.

All new products will be available as a digital download in AU and VST formats, 32 and 64-bit, for purchase at Kilohearts.


  • Multipass pre-bundled with 5 free snapins (Chorus, Delay, Gain, Limiter and Stereo): $99 USD / 89 EUR. Chorus, Delay, Gain, Limiter and Stereo can be downloaded individually, or in a separate bundle, through for free.
  • Bitcrush, Comb filter, Compressor, Distortion, Filter, Formant Filter, Frequency shifter, Haas, Phaser, Pitch shifter, Resonator and Trance gate snapins are $19 USD / 17 EUR each.
  • Bundle of Multipass and all 17 snapins will be $249 USD / 219 EUR (save $78 USD / 74 EUR). This bundle will have a discounted limited time release price of $199 USD / 179 EUR.
  • Bundle of all 17 snapins that are available at release will be $179 USD / 159 EUR (save $49 USD / 45 EUR).

At November 13th, the pre-existing plugins Disperser and Faturator will get updates, making it possible to use them as snapins as well as stand alone plugins. As a result they will both have their prices adjusted to $39 USD / 35 EUR each.

More information: Kilohearts