Kilohearts has announced a brand new Content Bank series sound pack. Animus by Tom Wolfe features 51 customizable presets for the Phase Plant software synthesizer.

If you can hold it in your hands, it’s no spirit. A wisp of smoke. A flicker of light. A reflection. A truly great story is never quite clear, never quite ready to be grasped and held. But it is full of verve and soul and rising spirit. Just as is Animus, Tom Wolfe’s characterful and evocative Content Bank.

Each preset tells its own tale, and raises its own questions. Your production will be enriched by delicate pads, organic strings, gritty, dramatic sequences, and dark pulsing basses. Conjure ephemeral images with these customizable sounds. Animus is designed to waken all manner of creative possibilities and new avenues for your music, so if you’re stuck, or feel like a fresh flavor, don’t wait.

The Animus Content Bank is available for purchase for $29 USD in the Content Bank Shop. Kilohearts Subscribers can run their installer and update to add Animus to their Content Bank collection for free.

More information: Kilohearts