kiloHearts has announced the release of Reverser, a new snapin effect plugin.

As the great Confucius never said; “What is great forwards can be amazing backwards.” We have taken this to heart and are now releasing the kHs Reverser, which as the name indicates plays back the input audio in reverse. At Kilohearts we take maintaining the causality of time and space seriously, so kHs Reverser both delays and reverses the audio, resulting in a backwards echo of sorts.

Slicing and reversing the audio in this way can easily lead to annoying pops and odd transients at the edges of the reversed sections, therefore a simple crossfade knob helps smoothing out the effect to get a softer feel.

Reverser is available as a snapin for Multipass and Snap Heap, and in VST/AU plugin formats, priced at 17 EUR.

More information: Kilohearts / Reverser