Kilohearts has launched a sale on The Works, offering over 60% off on the complete bundle of Kilohearts products.

The bundle includes Multipass, Kilohearts Toolbox effects, Disperser and Faturator, the kHs ONE synthesizer, as well as the recently released Slice EQ and Carve EQ plugins.

The Works contains every piece of software Kilohearts has ever released. That means you get, not only the awesome value of the Kilohearts Toolbox with it’s myriad of effects, but also our acclaimed effects Disperser and Faturator! Both of them also work as snapins in our Snapin host plugins. Speaking of which: The most versatile band-splitter on the planet, Multipass is included to give you the most out of your Toolbox effects.

The Works also contains the twin equalizers Carve EQ and Slice EQ. With Carve providing the musical shaping of a graphic EQ and Slice giving you razor sharp parametric tools for surgical edits, they will cover all your equalization needs.

And since we are practically giving stuff away here, we threw in the kHs ONE subtractive synth for good measure.

Regularly $489 USD, the bundle is on sale for just $179 USD until January 5th, 2018!
If you already own any Kilohearts products, be sure to log in to see your personalized upgrade discounts.

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