Kilohearts has announced an update to all of its plugins, which makes them compatible with Apple’s M1 chip.

All Kilohearts software is now M1 compatible so you can take full advantage of the exceptional processing power of your new M1 chip. If you have one.

If not, it is still worth updating as there are also a few little bug fixes included.

Changes in the update

  • General: Fixed an issue that caused plugin scan to take longer than needed in some situations.
  • Convolver: Fixed a crash when trimming a sample to zero length.
  • Convolver: Fixed a spurious crash when initializing multiple convolvers at once.
  • macOS: Native support for Apple Silicon.
  • macOS: Fixed an issue that could cause a freeze while scanning plugins.
  • AU: Fixed automation not working in the latest version of Logic.

Users can update now using the Kilohearts Installer.

More information: Kilohearts