Kilohearts has announced it has updated its plugins with new features, improvements & fixes.

Long overdue, we have finally released a batch of updates for all our plugins! Some are big, some are small, and some are just right.

Changes in kiloHearts plugins

  • Multipass split modulation — the frequency splits in Multipass are now modulateable. This means you can now make even crazier sounds, or just make nicer preset macros to quickly tweak splits.
  • Numeric input — All FX plugins now support numeric input on knobs and controls. Just right click anything and write the value you want.
  • Multipass presets: Animatronix — The winner of the Multipass preset competition, Animatronix, has made a bank with 21 awesome rhythmic and atmospheric presets. They’re now included in Factory Presets in the folder aptly named “Animatronix”.
  • Polished knobs.
  • Bug fixes & tweaks:
    • kHs ONE now properly kills sound when the DAW resets
    • Multipass now properly limits the number of modulations per source (14), and the UI doesn’t overflow
    • Some popup menus were unclickable in Reaper, which is now fixed
    • Multipass now displays a small notification if any snapins in a preset have expired trials
    • Multipass and Snap Heap now properly tracks if a preset is changed (for the “Discard Changes?” prompt).

Updated versions of the plugins are now available for download.

More information: Kilohearts