KINDZAudio has released an update to the DDZynth software synthesizer instrument. Designed for sound design and audio experiments, the synth combines granular, wavetable, FFT, FM and PM synthesis.

DDZynth is a Granular, FFT, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, tool to mangle samples in a new way. It’s not just sampler, it’s a sample collider. Scan true wave, grab buffer from one wave to modulate or wave shape another, mix in FFT mixer to morph and cross mix, DDZynth is a tool to squeeze juice from your samples.

Kindzadza DDZ17

DDZynth features

  • 2 sample slots to load WAV files, including drag ‘n’ drop.
  • Scan true sample with mouse click, with right button smooth scan.
  • FFT processor with controls for FFT size, transpose, transpose LFO & amount, start position and phase lock.
  • Granular processor with controls for density, duration, pitch & position randomization, transpose, transpose LFO & amount, start position.
  • 5 LFOs for transposes, start positions and filter.
  • LFO note reset and BPM sync.
  • 7 LFO waveforms (1 and 2 are from loaded WAV files buffer).
  • Mix section for Slot1 and Slot2, as well as true FFT cross and morph mixers.
  • Part of tables loaded to CrossFM and CrossPM sections to make evolving FM & PM sounds.
  • FM & PM can be mixed to FFT section.
  • Filter (HP, BP, LP), reverb send and gate send for creating gated MIDI parts.

DDZynth is available for in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, priced 70 EUR incl. VAT. A native Linux version is coming.

You can download a Lite version of DDZynth with reduced functionality for free.

More information: KINDZAudio