Kirk Hunter Studios has introduced a new Kontakt instrument library that aims to reinvent everything you know about virtual violin instruments.

The core of Front Row Violins is focused on simplicity and unbelievable sonic results.

Kirk Hunter Studios Front Row Violins

FRONT ROW packs an amazingly playable solo violin along with easy scalability to go from solo through to any section size of violinists you choose ranging from the single soloist to 16 players. Each player has been meticulously recorded separately, so you get a real and unique ensemble for every size.

When we say “Be The Violinist” we mean it! In FRONT ROW, we introduce our proprietary live vibrato that allows you to perform vibrato with your left hand with the same theatrics that a real Violinist plays. This is indeed something to experience as it gives you the sense of performing the vibrato as a violinist does. Moreover, FRONT ROW VIOLINS does not stop there. Additional features are designed to provide you with full vibrato control with the amount, speed and fade-in control so that you can have your soloist perform all kinds of styles.

PERFORM WITH INTELLIGENT CRUISE CONTROL FRONT ROW VIOLINS uses the world’s first true divisi technology where chords are intuitively and intelligently divided up among the available players in your ensemble. This makes orchestrating your violins a breeze as the instrument does the work for you.

Front Row Violins features

  • Front Row Violins is the first sample library providing a full section of 16 players scalable down to a single soloist in one instrument.
  • Auto-Divisi. No matter how many notes you play in a chord, your chosen number of players will divide themselves among the chord notes.
  • Staccato created from any existing articulation. But unlike other staccato articulations or samples, this feature creates a hard “bow stop” at the end of note which is very often used in the classical and baroque styles.
  • Auto Re-Bow. Front Row Violins detects the way you play and will automatically “connect” repeated notes for a realistic sound. Inversely, Front Row Violins will detect if you play in a “crisp or “sharp” way, and separate the repeated notes. So there is no need to choose these different playing styles. Front Row Violins does the work for you.
  • Automatic “immediate” legato based on how you play.
  • Not only can you control vibrato amount and speed, but we have added a new vibrato “auto fade-in” parameter which is equally important in string playing.
  • Selectable immediate vibrato, (VERY important for solo) temporarily overriding any programmed fade-in vibrato on a note-by-note basis. Being able to select immediate vibrato on some notes is very common in string playing and gives a very realistic e ect.
  • Control vibrato with velocity, a designated slider or any CC. Additionally, even if you choose velocity or slider to control the vibrato, you can add a CC to “take over”. In this way you can very effectively decrease or increase the vibrato amount and speed after the note has already triggered a certain amount of vibrato.
  • Intuitive Playability. Front Row Violins senses your playing style and delivers an amazingly realistic result. It will quite literally “follow” you through bow changes, bow connections, rebow, dynamics, vibrato, and attacks. This drastically reduces the need for keyswitching and MIDI automation.

Front Row Violins for Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of $199.99 USD for a limited time (regular $299.99 USD).

More information: Kirk Hunter Studios

Kirk Hunter Studios Front Row Violins GUI

Kirk Hunter Studios Front Row Violins GUI edit