Kirnu Interactive has announced its upcoming hybrid 6-oscillator AUV3 and standalone synthesizer, ButterSynth.

Allowing you to mix any combination of wavetable, FM, sample and granular synthesis engines, the synth features a vast sonic range, from gentle pads to screaming leads and basslines.

For the more advanced users, ButterSynth’s features a thoughtfully designed interface, powerful modulation matrix, fully-featured internal FX rack, factory waveform and sample libraries, and almost limitless scope for fun, experimentation and sound design.

For less experienced synth programmers, ButterSynth includes a library of hundreds of ready-to-use presets, sparking your creativity to start making music right away.

The synth is available to pre-order now at the App Store for $16.99 USD. It will be released on April 28th, 2023.

More information: Kirnu